For the first time in the NFT world, All in One!


We have created something that no one has created before, a collection that contains all possible and impossible beings! Creativity, art and hard work, they have all created a gateway to the future.

Who are the nonsenses?

The existing nuclear reactors in the blockchain land leaked, which in turn caused interference in the genomes of various organisms, resulting in mutations in the DNA of some of them.

The DNA of 23 living beings (humans and apes up to birds, insects and plants) interfered with together and created amazing group called nonsenses!

So far, 5,000 of these nonsense creatures have been identified is from the Welds kind, although scientists have predicted that these mutations and changes and transformations will continue over the next few years, and that this community of nonsense will grow larger and see more strange mutations!

meet other groups kinds in the future in this website update, now we have a community of nonsense creatures that each have their own independent and unique identity.

Historical Background

Nonsenses is the 3th version of the N&N collection series called “Nonsenses and Nuclear”, but with a completely transformative structure that is presented under the title of nonsenses, although it still maintains its connection with previous collections.

Previous collections were created as warnings about the effects of nuclear energy on nature and the environment, as well as nuclear countries, and now in this collection we have creatures that created by mutate and Interference the DNA of various organisms in an explosive effect nuclear.

You can find traces of these two previous versions in the background of some of this collection, it’s ownership can open the door to the future!

A Really Unique Collection

In most of the famous and successful collections, we see NFTs that are similar in every way, but due to the difference in the background color or the cigar on the lip as the difference with other items, they are considered as unique and non-repetitive!
This is not the case in this collection, if we were to create the uniqueness of the collection with all the differences, such as all the unique accessories available with the number of layers available, we would be able to produce 1400 Quadrillion unique existing ones !!

In here is the difference in the character itself, regardless of what background or accessories are in them, currently these 5,000 nonsense creatures are out of 340 million unique creatures regardless of background, clothing or any other accessory.

The background or objects in the items only increase the exclusivity importance of each item, this means that you will not find any two similar NFTs, just with the difference in their background color or the cigar on the lip. It’s the real character itself that is unique, they are each nonsense in their own right!

Road Map

This collection will eventually reach the size of 10,000 nonsense consists of 4 different kinds, but now we are in the supply step of 5,000 Welds kind from nonsenses collection.
After the sale of the whole collection and along the road map, a limited number of buyers and owners of NFTs will be able to upgrade their NFT character if they wish, this opportunity will be possible just once and only for owners of this group.


Design , Coding and production of the collection, also the website design


Initial advertising and creating social pages , preparing whitelist, invite and attract interested parties and investors


1000 NFT on public sale and 50% off for whitelist. They will be revealed after presale is complete.

Sale phase 3

1000 NFT with increase in price compared to the previous phase on public sale and 20% off for whitelist

Sale phase 2

1000 NFT with increase in price compared to the previous phase on public sale and 30% off for whitelist

Sale phase 1

1000 NFT with increase in price compared to the previous phase on public sale and 40% off for whitelist

Sale phase 4

1000 NFT with increase in price compared to the previous phase on public

Growing the communities

Production of four other very attractive types of this series following the story line of this series in 2500, 1500 and 1000 characters, respectively, the total of the collection will reach 10 thousand (the details of each type will be revealed at same time)


Possibility of updating for some Welds type holders if they want to have an dignified identify for their character.

More Features and More

Each of the NFTs in this collection is unique and lives in the Ethereum blockchain, the components of some species are rarer than others, for example mutations in snail and plant species are among the rarest, some have more features and accessories, yet some of them have more specific environmental features!
The interesting thing is that some of them will have chance to become more specific in the future of Roadmap.

There are 23 leaders that all nonsense beings are created with random combination of their DNA, these 23 are as super rare and rare.

Take a look at more features :

* Super Rares are known original beings whose DNA is original and all of their body parts and colors are completely of the same type, other features such as clothing, accessories or environment are randomly placed on them, there are only 8 of them in this collection which is attached to their clothes as a badge.

* Rares are complete being like the Super Rares, except that their skin color does not belong to them and is randomly combined from one another type, there are only 15 of them in this collection which is attached to their clothes as a badge.

* All 56 nuclear sign in the N&N collection (version 1 and 2) are randomly distributed in the background of 56 NFTs, buyers who own both NFTs in the Nonsenses collection and similar NFT related in previous collections, in addition to increasing the value of their NFTs pair, will be surprised in the future.

* In 20% of backgrounds, some funny creatures are randomly placed in environment.

* 20% of backgrounds also contain some effects.

Mint will be open in

Let's go to the Future!

Note : Depending on the conditions, we may want to start the sale date earlier, in which case we will notify you via email and our social media pages.

Sale Phase 1


Sale Phase 1

0.085 ETH

+ Gas Fee

Note :

In this phase, after the sale of the first 1000 NFTs, they will be revealed and tradable on Opensea.

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A Little About Our Great Project

This collection is the result of 1 year of continuous work from idea and design to implementation.

Because NFTs are generally designed in such a way that the main body is placed as the base layer and other components that are in harmony with that base layer are placed on it, but since we used 23 different creatures here and faced with a inharmonic and variable structure, the main body of each creature were different.

It was very difficult to implement an algorithm that could combine inharmonic components of different kinds to create a meaningful and creative combination, especially since we wanted our design to be shaded, not boring like solid color designs!
It might have made the work harder, but we did it with love.

Also, in the coding part, to produce the set, a complex algorithm was needed to be able to manage how the components are placed correctly on each other, like artificial intelligence, because the position of many components of characters are so different together, for example, the position of each creature ears is different on other creatures head.

This creativity itself is unique in the world and this reason alone indicates the high value of each NFT of this collection. We hope this several thousand army will conquer the world of NFT with love.


5,000 unique species created by the genes fusion of 23 complete organisms caused by a nuclear explosion, these nonsenses are of the Welds kind.
According to forecasts, there are four other kinds of nonsense creatures that will be included in this series in the mutations of the coming years!

You will not find any two similar NFTs just with the difference in their background color or the cigar on the lip, unique in this collection is in the identity differences of its creatures, background or objects in the items only increase the exclusivity importance of each item.

Prices will be announced at the time of opening, the sale will be done in 5 steps and each step will be done with an increase compared to the previous step, also in each step it is distributed with a specific ratio between the white list and the public, the white lists will be subject to discount.

Yes, any NFT will enter to the OpenSea market after purchase and is free to trade.

No, this is just the beginning of our story!
These 5,000 nonsense creatures are of the Welds kind and in the future mutant creatures of other kinds will join them and bringing the total to 10,000 nonsense creatures.
It will also be possible to upgrade a number of such holders in the future.

From the beginning of the idea, careful design and complex coding for the intelligent production of these creatures up to the design of the website and the current presentation of the project took a year.

All created by K1 NFT group and I am K1, the original creator and designer of this collection with a master’s degree in software engineering, which painting and graphic design is my main love.

Just focus on my art and enjoy that, it will bring a lot of value with itself.


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